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Author:EVA PE Foaming Products Making Line Rubber Recycling Machine

Rubber Recycling Machine is used for recycling waste tyres, and maximum recycling, saving resources.Rubber Recycling Machine is made up by waste tyre decompose machines,waste tire processing machine, waste tyre rubber crushing mill machine,screening magnetic separation transmission unit etc. When running the Rubber Recycling Machine, at first the whole waste tyres should be decomposed by waste tyre decomposing machines into small blocks about 3.5cm, then use the rubber crush mill machine(XKP400/450/560)to break the small rubber blocks,now we can get rubber particles and rubber powder , then use the screening magnetic separation to separate the broken wire and rubber parts totally.The fines which have processed by the sieve set twice conveyed by the belt will be put on the magnetic rolls,isolating wires,then make 10-40 mesh pure rubber powder(fineness optional).Unqualified powder will be come back to the crush machine until OK.

Rubber Recycling Machine is used to make all different kinds of elastic Rubber Bands, payment of Rubber Recycling Machine is T/T 40% in advance, 60% before delivery. Compose of the Rubber Recycling Machine is Bale Rubber Cutting Machine,

4. Adopt foreign technology to weld the steel pedestal which is non-deformation, non-fracture. It can avoid the expense caused by wrong operation.

3. Adopt quenching gear to drive and increase the life of the whole Rubber Recycling Machine.

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