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PE Machine is used for recycling waste tyres, and maximum recycling, saving resources.PE Machine is made up by waste tyre decompose machines,waste tire processing machine, waste tyre rubber crushing mill machine,screening magnetic separation transmission unit etc. When running the PE Machine, at first the whole waste tyres should be decomposed by waste tyre decomposing machines into small blocks about 3.5cm, then use the rubber crush mill machine(XKP400/450/560)to break the small rubber blocks,now we can get rubber particles and rubber powder , then use the screening magnetic separation to separate the broken wire and rubber parts totally.The fines which have processed by the sieve set twice conveyed by the belt will be put on the magnetic rolls,isolating wires,then make 10-40 mesh pure rubber powder(fineness optional).Unqualified powder will be come back to the crush machine until OK.

Functions and usages of PE Machine ,PE Machine is used for mixing and kneading raw rubber materials, synthetic rubber, thermoplastics or EVA with chemicals into every materials. PE Machine consists of base, rack, rolls, driving system, lubricating system, cooling system, roll clearance adjustments device, safety brake device, motor, reducer, etc( refer to the outline diagram for details). The rolls are made of chilled cast iron, and the surfaces are grinded to very smooth surfaces. The rollers inside are hollow, and can be heated by steam or cooled by water according to different requirements. Colloidal particles are drawn into the gap of the two rollers which make relative rotation in different velocity to mix rubber. Manufacturer of PE Machine is

PE Machine is suitable for shoe materials, EVA foam coil packaging materials, EVA foam slippers, EVA children's bedding, yoga mat, taekwondo mat, judo mat, gymnastics mats, stable mat, fender, motorcycle fender, EVA foam plastic foaming products such as coil. Main foaming equipment is EVA/PE foaming press machie in the PE Machine.

PE Machine mainly applies to foaming and moulding for various of foaming rubber and plastic materials,sponge materials,building and decorative materials as athe special equipment.The PE Machine is a newly-designed model after research the characters of plate vulcanizier in dosmestic and aboard,it is pillar support pressure foaming machine with compact structure and high pressure,it has two heating method:electricity heating or stream heating,has digital display temperature gauge.Operation and maintenance is easy,also with the function of auto add pressure,timed open mold and alarming etc. PE Machine adopts steel structure, plunger by cold hard surface for HR - 70, the product has little pressure, temperature, curing process reliable performance with automatic pressure, open mold speed, etc. Suitable for EVA foaming class slippers, shoes materials rubber-plastic products.

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